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All Naturally Dried Australian Treats
Note – Please make sure the treats you buy ARE Australian Made to protect your pets!
You don’t know what the Quality standards are overseas and do you really want to risk the possibility of problems in your pets?


Chicken Necks which are fantastic quality.

Always a favourite as a small substantial dog treat.


These chicken dog treats are one of the popular dog treats used at our puppy training school.

Very popular and high chicken content.


Cow hooves are some of the longest lasting dog treats we have.

They are weighty and if you have a dog who constantly wants to be chewing on something then this is the treat.


Beef liver dog treats are an old favourite, contain good nutrition and are a great little dog treat.

Premium grade liver cut into slices of a consistent thickness.


A fish snack that can be used as a training treat, non oily and something different


Lamb Puff Cubes are a great quick snack or for training.

Air puffed they are a lighter and lower fat snack.

Our Lamb Puff Cubes are 100% natural. nothing added, simply dried lamb lung.


Lambs Ears are a great smaller chew for small dogs, you just cant go wrong with these.

Also good for dogs who tend to want to bury pigs ears, they tend to eat these  straight away instead for some reason!


Pig Snouts are a great smaller chew for small dogs and puppies, especially good for teething. Also good for dogs who tend to want to bury pigs ears, they tend to eat these  straight away instead for some reason!

Dog Treat Use: Entertaining Chew, Dental Aid.

Fantastic entertaining chew for most sized dogs.


Pigs ears are a great entertaining chew for dogs and can keep them content for hours.

These are high quality pigs ears and are a good size too.


Chewy Dried Meat & tendon treat. 100% Roo meat and a bit of tendon air dried, No Additives or Preservatives. A low fat chewy treat.


Great training aid or puppy / small dog treat (or a quick treat for a bigger dog). My dogs love these soft chewy sticks and will turn themselves inside out to get one. Available in three great flavours – chicken, roo or fish – you can even order a mix!

100% meat, no preservatives, colours or flavours added.


Shark cartilage dog treats are a fantastic source of Omega 3 which is good for the skin and coat.

You can break it up into smaller bits for quick treats or training.

These are high value treats for a dog so great for reward based training.

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