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All Brushes, Rakes, Combs, Slickers, Scissors, Stones, Wraps, Bands, etc that you require to prepare your dog

Sprays as you pull the trigger and again as you release, allowing half the effort of normal sprayers.

A comfortable, lightweight bandage for sustained, reliable compression. The bandage is made of a porous, non-woven polyester material which sticks only to itself and not to skin or hair. It does not loosen after application

Petway Petcare Scissoring Mist is a naturally based, plant derived grooming aid. It is an anti-static formula that eliminates fly away coat and assists with comb through, enabling coat to be scissored evenly.

This is light, easy and comfortable to use. One more ergonomically designed brush by the expert Plush Puppy grooming Team. Without doubt, the best value for money on the market.

These fabulous new bottles are made of PET, a plastic that gives the high quality appearance of glass. PET will not discolour with age and will retain its strength and good looks. Each has a neat new trigger that delivers a fantastic fine mist spray. Comes in three useful sizes

Ultimate Anti Static Porcupine Brush. Consists of 100% black boar bristles with dialon porcupine pins. This brush is anti static with its porcupine pins designed to remove tangles and loose coat. Set into the finest quality aerolastic cushion brush. This brush should never wear out.

Ultimate Powder Application Brush. This is a specifically designed brush for applying powders to Show Dogs. It is made to achieve.

Ultimate Extra Long Pin Brush. This brush has 35mm long polished pins with rounded tips that are strong and set into an aerolastic rubber base. Ideal for flowing coated breeds.

Ultimate Long Pin Brush. This brush has 27mm long pins and will be a very popular grooming brush for many full coated breeds. This is an ideal brush for blow drying all breeds.

Ultimate Pin Brush. This regular length pin is ideal for all breed grooming. Polished pins with specially rounded tops makes this the ‘must have’ brush in every groomer’s kit. Ideal for blow drying and particularly necessary on short coated breeds.

Ultimate Thick Pin Brush. A brush with pins that won’t bend. The thicker pins flows through the coat leaving a smooth swinging result. Ideal for all dense short coats and long soft coated breeds.

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