• VetBed

    VetBed (35)

    Vetbed is the most widely used by vets and professionals and has the following benefits: ♥ Tremendous strength and durability whilst retaining luxurious feel. Double cross woven which makes it hard for your pet to rip up ensuring a longer lasting bed. ♥ Vetbed is hygienic due to the way it is produced - interwoven with no ability for any dirt to stay trapped in the fabric thereby producing a clean product after every wash ♥ The higher bulk and superb heat retention distinguishes it from all other dog beds ♥ Easily machine washable without deterioration time after time (please see instructions) ♥ It is hypoallergenic and is suitable for use with all animals and even people who suffer with allergies ♥ It is perfect for whelping and early raising of all animals by keeping them dry and enabling them to get up on their feet quickly ♥ Vetbed drains & dries fast and keeps your pets warm and cosy ♥ It is portable & easy care - use at home, the office, when travelling - anywhere really! ♥ It is suitable for every stage of your Pet's life and is recommended by Vets ♥ The safest and most effective fabric ever developed for professional use ♥ A hard-wearing, everyday bed ♥ Suitable for all life stages ♥ Excellent drainage properties ♥ Please note that postage is charged after you have paid for your order, as it depends on your order combination and the destination. Vetbed's use is only limited by your imagination! Use in whelping boxes, crates, the back of the car, on caravan floors, as a doormat, as a bathmat, in dog trailer bays, puppy pens & trolleys, on lounges.... Anywhere that you need a mat that wont move you can use this wonderful and amazing product! Washing Instructions VetBed is machine washable, hand washable or hose it down at any temperature though cold / warm are recommended. For top loading machines put the fluff side against the agitator. It is best to air dry naturally though it can be tumble dried for a short time at a low temperature, though this may reduce the life of the backing of the non slip. Do not leave out in the sun for days as this may reduce the life of the backing. New colours have arrived! We now have VetBed available by the roll, this is especially great if you're a Vet. Click here
  • Chilly Chamois Coats & Mats

    Chilly Chamois Coats & Mats (2)

    High quality chamois cool coats and cool mats custom made and premade to suit any size dog. Available in a variety of colours
  • Crate Mats

    Crate Mats (5)

    Crate Mats in Cotton, Velvet, Polar Fleece and Light Canvas Waterproof material in a huge variety of colours and patterns. These are filled with Marine Dacron which means they wash super easily, dry quickly, maintain their shape and will bounce back to full fluffiness and not go flat. Sewn in on every edge and an inner supporting rectangle to ensure a long lasting mat.
  • Dog Treats

    Dog Treats (14)

    All Naturally Dried Australian Treats Note - Please make sure the treats you buy ARE Australian Made to protect your pets! You don't know what the Quality standards are overseas and do you really want to risk the possibility of problems in your pets?
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  • Hand-made Rope Slip and Clip Leads

    Hand-made Rope Slip and Clip Leads (2)

  • Medicinal

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    Medicinal products to help dogs
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  • Toys

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    We are always on the lookout for new toys that will pass the test for longevity and interest for the dogs so this page is constantly changing. These are a range designed to keep your pet occupied, are very well made to last - Stafford tested :-) (much to the enjoyment of my "kids") Postage on your order is applied after the order is placed. Lighter toys under 500gm will have an $8.50 postage charge Australia wide, combinations of toys and other items may result in higher postage depending on the weight and destination.
  • Vests, Reversible Coats & Snuggle Rugs

    Vests, Reversible Coats & Snuggle Rugs (79)

    Polar Fleece is a soft napped insulating synthetic fabric. Our Snuggle Rugs are a single thickness while the Vests and Reversibles are double thickness. Please note that postage is worked out after you have paid for your order & charged separately. It will depend on your order combination and destination. One - two coats is normally $8.50 Australia wide, same for the small snuggle. Combinations of coats / snugs and other items may result in higher postage. All coats are hand-made to order unless you choose the "Already Made" category and take 7-10 days to complete, please allow for this making time.