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VetBed designed for Vets

 This great product was originally developed in 1970’s in the UK as a for sick patients who were developing bedsores from long stays in hospital it was known at the time as “Medical Fleece”. It’s remarkable success then saw the expansion into the Veterinarian world for injured animals who were recuperating from their operations.

We at The Wolf’s Den are one of the few registered sellers in Australia of the true quality English VetBed.

Would you like cage bedding for your precious patients that:

♥ prevents bedsores because of it’s soft upper layer, it’s double cross woven also makes it hard for your patients to rip up ensuring a longer lasting bed.
♥ is hygienic due to the way it is produced – interwoven with no ability for any dirt to stay trapped in the fabric thereby producing a clean product after every wash.
♥ is hypoallergenic and is suitable for use with all animals who suffer with allergies.
♥ it prevents urine burns and staining due to it’s clever design as all liquid is automatically drawn away from the patient.
♥ is easily machine washable without deterioration time after time (please see instructions below) and is virtually dry when you pull it from the washing machine, so you don’t need to use the dryer (saving you time and electricity costs).
♥ can withstand an autoclave machine, temperatures up to 95ºC but is better washed around 30-40ºC, it isn’t also degraded by disinfectants.
♥ it has higher bulk and superb heat retention distinguishes it from all other dog beds.
♥ if you choose one of the pale colours you will be able easily to see if your patient is bleeding post-operation.

We can sell you VetBed by the roll that you can easily cut to size for the very affordable price from $672.00 per roll (average is 16m roll, 155cm width @ $42.00 per lineal metre ($28 psm) depending on length of roll as they vary from the manufacturer from 14 -17m.

We’ll specify let you know the specifications once you’ve chosen your colour. Delivery costs are not included in the price, but we endeavor to provide you with the cheapest freight solution possible.

VetBed - Green Backing

VetBed – Green Backing

Available colours in Greenback are (this list may change due to availability): Cream, Light Green with White Swirl, Purple with White Paws, Charcoal with Sky Blue Bones, Cyan Blue with Black Paws, Big Paw Red, Big Paw Black, Royal Blue, Pink Stripes. (We recommend the Cream). View our green backing range.

We also have rolls of non-slip available, however, this is not autoclave as the latex on the back will melt, but it is very good in situations where you do not want bedding to move. View our non-slip colour range.

Our no-backing is more the tradition drybed. View our no-backing colour range.

Please email us with your choice of colour and number of rolls you like and we will organise a quote.

We also provide cut pieces to specific sizes, please email us for a quote.

Washing Instructions
• VetBed is machine washable, hand washable or hose it down at any temperature though cold / warm are recommended. For top loading machines put the fluff side against the agitator.
• It is best to air dry naturally though it can be tumble dried for a short time at a low temperature.

Vetbed - Cream - Green Backing

Vetbed – Cream – Green Backing

VetBed - Cyan Blue with Black Paws

VetBed – Turquoise with Black Paws

VetBed - Light Green with White Swirls

VetBed – Light Green with White Swirls

VetBed - Big Paw - Red

VetBed – Big Paw – Red

VetBed - Big Paw - Charcoal

VetBed – Big Paw – Charcoal

VetBed - Purple with White Paws

VetBed – Purple with White Paws

VetBed - Royal Blue - Green Backing

VetBed – Royal Blue – Green Backing

VetBed - Charcoal with Sky Blue Bones

VetBed – Charcoal with Sky Blue Bones

VetBed - Pink Stripes

VetBed – Pink Stripes

Sky Blue with White Paws VetBed

Sky Blue with White Paws VetBed

Vetbed - Royal Blue with Light Green Paws

Vetbed – Royal Blue with Light Green Paws