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Dry shampoos, powder shampoos, etc

Petway Petcare Waterless Foam Shampoo a naturally based general purpose foam shampoo ideal for spot cleaning dirty patches of coat.

It has special natural ingredients to ‘clean and sooth’ folds and creases of a dogs face and the Blue Cypress Extracts are particularly effective on Brachycephalic face types where wrinkle can get infected or sore.

Dry cleaning – An ideal alternative to a wet shampoo. Deodorises and leaves the coat smelling fresh and clean.

Plush Puppy WONDER BLOK is an innovative approach to traditional stain reducing. Made from naturally sourced vegetable surfactants & glycerin with a light lemongrass fragrance.

A brilliant quick self rinsing solution for all ringside emergencies. Good for a quick spritz when a regular shampooing is not an option


This Self Rinse Shampoo is ideal when bathing is not an option. This is a residue FREE product that allows you to spray on, suds up and wipe off.


Pure Paw No Rinse Shampoo (Ultra No Rinse Shampoo) says it all. This shampoo was designed to help clean your dog without the need to rinse.

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