About us

Annabel is a long term pet lover, breeder, show and trial competitor with her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terriers and she was a part time time Veterinary Nurse with over 28 years experience. She runs this business out of a love for animals and the drive to want to provide quality products for owners. She forayed into this area through the inability to get quality products for her own animals, wanting to provide owners with an easy care range of products that were of a high standard designed for longevity.

She has tried to choose fun colours and products to provide a wide range of choice however if there is something you know of and would like to see please don’t hesitate to contact her.

Latest News

We’ve got breed VetBed designs and a new shipment coming in with all new colours and patterns from the UK in November 2022.

VetBed Breed Group 2022

New polar Fleece colours in stock

Get snuggly warm coats and rugs to keep your beloveds warm this winter


Polar Fleece Group 2022