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Products for use on Smooth & short coated breeds

Botanical Conditioner is formulated from botanical extracts for superb instant conditioning, texture and shine. Especially recommended for the difficult to manage coats

A state-of-the-art grooming aid and conditioning product for smoothing out the hair/coat, relaxing waves, “cowlicks” and curls, helps repair damaged coats, blocks the humidity and static and tames those frizzies. Adds texture, natural shine from citrus, and improves manageability

A super Cleaning shampoo, which helps remove even the toughest stains and odors, it contains optical brighteners which enhance the dog’s natural color, it is safe for all colors but is highly recommended for whites, blacks, silvers, creams.

This is a pure Cosmetic Collagen mixed with skin and hair enhancing herbs. Premium Protein Pack & Pre-Chalk Conditioner is recommended for conditioning coats which do not require oil, such as Golden Retrievers, Shetland Sheepdogs, Chow Chows, Pekes, Poms, Collies, Bouviers and coats of like type and construction.

The most gentle shampoo of all, safe enough to be used every day, on even the most sensitive of skins and fragile of coats. Super Cleaning and Conditioning Shampoo is totally residue free, it rinses quickly and completely.

Specifically designed for whites, creams, pale golds and light silvers. Made from a new state-of-the-art enzyme product which is not only safe but also a very effective stain remover and brightener, we have included hair strengthening and conditioning ingredients, to protect the coat.

Animal House chalk is soft, non-abrasive and soothing to the coat. This product goes on with a touch and produces the desirable effect without repeated applications.

Bay Rum is a coat dressing: Simply lightly spray or wipe into coat, leave for a few minutes to dry then lightly brush. Bay Rum will make a dull coat really shine.

It is suitable for all breed types. This product is especially good for short coated breeds.

These round blocks are used to enhance the appearance and to touch up imperfections on a dog or horses coat. A harder chalk block good for use on Feet and Face.

Black on Black is an optic intensifying colour revitalizing treatment within a shampoo.  Formulated specifically for use on black coats.  Restores the intense black colour to coats stripped of their colour by the bleaching effects of the sun. Gets the red tones out!

This product is an optic intensifying treatment within a shampoo, removing all yellow stains and leaving a lustrous sheen on darker colors.  Contains no bleaching agents, no caustic chemicals, or softening agents. Gets Yellow out!

All three Biovite are amazingly high lathering and fortified with Biotin / Panthenol vitamin and Allantoin. Biovite deep cleanses both the coat and the skin and revitalises damaged hair by stimulating the skin and accelerating the metabolism of the inert cells to promote hair growth and retard shedding. All three formulas give the desired texture to the coat immediately and is lasting.

Condition Plus gives coat spectacular body, bounce and static free manageability in one application. A substantive conditioner is used that bonds to the hair shaft allowing for fantastic control and sheen and keeps the coat from matting.

The ultimate finishing spray for the Show Dog. Magic Touch gives luxurious sheen, has no heavy build up, repels dirt and prevents coat matting.

LIQUID DIAMONDS has been specifically formulated to produce instant shine and silky texture on short coated breeds.

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